Research and Development

If anyone wants research and development or any other kind of developmental services, then A United Pakistan has an expert team which provides them with all these services. We have an expert team which provides you with every kind of research, information and development services. A United Pakistan has an expert team which can provide you with every kind of research and developmental facilities.


Here are the top research and development services of A United Pakistan:

1. Business research and planning

We do complete business planning and research, and in the end, provide the business plan in written form.

2. Business Development

We help every kind of business in business development and planning.

3. Human Rights Research and Development:

We provide all businesses with human rights research and development.

4. Market Research and Development

We research the whole market to find out which business is running successfully and prospering. We try to find the market trends and where the market is going.

How You can Join Us?

You can contact us through several different ways, through phone, email, website or filling the form on our website.

A United Pakistan

A United Pakistan (A-U-P) is one of the leading Pakistani businessmen platforms for networking, events and meetups, exchanging ideas, Sharing problems and solutions, business solutions, Sales and Marketing solutions and exchanging referrals in Pakistan and UAE. A-U-P provides complete support and solution to its members. This platform was created by and for small and medium business owners and other experts or dream achievers. In 2019 alone, AUP Members started many new businesses, projects by exchanging ideas and experience. AUP members increased their business, sales, and generated millions in revenue through referral business and contacts. Our Members are supported by a professional team that provides them best solution for their problems, every type of research and development, training and consultancy services needed for success.

How we solve member’s problems?

It is very simple. Our entire member can share their issues and problem by, phone call, email, whats app or by filling form through website. Whenever we receive any issue or problem by our member, we analyse that problem and we find that member who can solve this problem or who can share experience or ideas for this problem solution. When any member tells us he or she can solve it that than we share or exchange their contact detail. Finally issue resolved immediately.

Sharpens Skills

Learning new skills is always very important for success. We know how important both personal and professional growth are to our Members. So A United Pakistan helps its members to grow their skills by events, meet ups, and sharing ideas.

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Referrals Work

Every business owner understands the importance of referral business
“Referred-in customers have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers.” Source: Deloitte
“The Lifetime Value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers.” Source: Chief Marketer

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