Importance of Down Time for Entrepreneures

Every minute of your calendar for the coming two months is booked. Your taxes are due and your son’s choir made it to the regional competition. It doesn’t include the activities you need to take to make sure that your business keeps on running.
Each entrepreneur has been there and when the rain pours, it has never felt more accurate than in those times, where you want a moment to breathe.

If you don’t have extended period of time away from work, consider these options for a downtime in your everyday life.
1. Meditate: Spend 10 minutes of your day sitting quietly, not watching television or checking email and just think for some time. Let your mind escape and give yourself a few minutes to relax.
2. Read a book, do a crossword or work your brain: Activities which require concentration can be great for relieving stress because they give you some moments away from what is bothering you.
3. For each hour on your computer or desk, spend 10 minutes walking around: Do some laps around the office, circle your building and go downstairs, walk to the parking lot and back. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you don’t check your email.
4. Go Outside: Get Vitamin D and lift your spirits and take a trip on a sunny day. Eat your lunch or take the conference call from the picnic table.